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Hey guys! I’m MG and I’ll be one of Syd’s blogsitters while she’s away


god u kno those posts where people are like ‘sometimes i wanna listen to indie music and wear flower crowns but then sometimes i wann alisten to punk music and wear black’ or WHATEVER like…. u do know that… u can do both???? u can do both those things???? nothign is requiring u to pick 1 thing forever???? as a human u are capable of change????? like damn son get it together worry about bigger things


pink sweaters: chicnova
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(*♡∀♡).。.:*♡ ah! My #dollymilk pieces of heaven arrived in the mail today eep! ♡ thank you

Hi~! I'm Kat/Caitlin, and I am 18 years old.
I am a mommy to 3 bunnies.
My blog primarily consists of pastel colors and pretty, lacy, frilly girly things.
I also deal with depression. My blog sometimes contains very negative posts, so please don't follow me if you are sensitive to negativity!!